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NBA Players strike amidst Black Lives Matter protests 

Elena Conyers-Gains, Features Writer | November 19, 2020

Playing without the deafening cheers of crowds was something NBA players had grown accustomed to in the isolation of the bubble, but on Wednesday, August 26, it was their time to return the silence.    When the Milwaukee Bucks released a statement that they would not take the court just before their first-round playoff game against the Orlando Magic, it marked the start...

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Chyvianna Grayer, Sports Writer | November 19, 2019

As the new cheer season comes around the cheerleaders have been working very hard to accomplish the new stunts.   “Our team always sees new stunts and are always eager to try them because we want to be the best of the best,” said Smith.   The cheer team was nervous to try the stunts, but varsity helped junior varsity a lot in overcoming that fear of doing stunts.   One of...

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