A new edition to the softball team


Hannah Hausman, 11, pitches at a game against Westview at Fontenelle Park on Septemeber, 29. Hausman has been playing softball since she was five in the Keystone Little League. PHOTO BY ARAYA FAULKNER-DORSEY

Tatyanna Estwick, Feature and Sports Writer

After many years of just having a varsity team, North High School decided to add a new edition, the junior varsity softball team.

Eric Janecek, the head coach of the softball team, began coaching softball after 18 years of coaching baseball.

“I have the experience,” Janecek said, “I just wanted to try something new.”

Janecek was put in for a year as assistant coach before he completely took over.

Whenever athletes play sports, there is always a beginning.

LaBriyah Wells, 11, is a softball player for JV and varsity.

“I just decided to play softball, playing softball you kind of build a family,” said Wells.

Kennedy Jones, 12, began playing softball before high school.

“I’ve always played softball, even before high school. It’s always been a fun sport to be a part of,” said Jones, “it feels pretty good to be on the softball team, to be a part of a group of girls that have the same interests.”

Sofia Acosta, 11, has also been playing softball since before high school. “I started when I was around 10 years old in a local league and I’ve been playing ever since,” said Acosta.

Acosta is excited that enough girls joined the team in order to have a JV team.

“In comparison to other sports softball is less known. So we want to get as many girls as possible to join and learn the sport so that the program can grow and we can compete at a higher level,” said Acosta.

Caitlyn Gibson ,11, is a softball player for varsity.

Gibson has been playing soft-ball since she was five because she would watch her dad play and was encouraged.

Gibson says even though she is not on JV that she likes seeing them making progress.

“We haven’t had a JV until this year, this year has been a learning experience for them,” said Gibson.

The JV team is mostly made of freshman and sophomores but of-ten times upperclassman will play for them as well.

“They are new, the fact that they are out there playing every game is encouraging,” said Janecek.

According to Jones the JV team has a good bond.

“They compete for fun instead of getting in their heads about foul plays,” said Jones.

The environment of high school softball is important. It affects how athletes play, practice and focus.

Jones says the environment of high school softball is important to her because it gives her a mental outlet to have fun and to embrace the love of the game.

“I am very competitive so when I get on the field it is not stressful to play,” said Jones.

Acosta says the environment of high school softball is important because softball has been part of her life so long it has given her many things.

“I have learned many things, including how to respond to failure, the importance of teamwork, effort and hustle,” said Acosta, “I also love spending time with my teammates.”

Gibson says the environment of high school Softball is important because it’s fun and competitive.

“It feels good to be a part of a team that can have fun even if we lose,” said Gibson, “the coaches are encouraging.’’

Janecek says the environment of high school softball is important because the girls are like family to him.

“It is my job to make them better from the first time they step on the field to the time they graduate,” Janecek said.