The North Star

Mynor Strong, Entertainment Writer | June 4, 2022

May is the national food month of hamburgers, so I decided to figure out what restaurant has the tastiest burger in Nebraska. My ideal burger is a smash burger, with bacon, barbecue, and a side of ranch.   What makes a burger good is the quality of the meat, is it chewy or is it juicy and easy to bite through. The type of bun is it soft and buttery or hard and plain. The dipping sauces are a key...

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Sophomore year in book reviews

Sara Popken, Entertainment Writer | June 4, 2022

Every year at some point or another I am left in an English class staring down my most recently assigned book, begging it fold in on itself and dissipate just to avoid the next 30 minutes of reading. Sometimes the books I’m assigned make me question how I used to be such an avid reader or if the author had been left on their own for a bit too long and was losing it. Others however, have managed to...

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