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“We need a resolution”: Morality in streaming Aaliyah

Lillian Nero, Opinion Editor | November 29, 2021

August 20 was supposed to be the greatest day ever: my seventeeth birthday and the re-release of international popstar and fashionista, Aaliyah Haughton’s, music.   Instead, I realized the crazy amount of weight the four words, “Never work with family” holds.   Haughton, better known by her mononym Aaliyah, tragically perished at the age of 22 in 2001.  After her death, her...

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New year, new Viking Times

Nayera Abdessalam, News Writer | November 29, 2021

Students and staff returned to North High this August facing the transition from the 3/2 and remote schedule during the 2020-21 school year to now having the whole building back in person.  Last school year, Viking Times were shortened to 15 minutes and built into the A1 and B2 blocks. This means teachers had different groups of students on A and B days because of the adjusted schedule during...

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