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Hailey Gillespie, In-depth Writer | February 24, 2020

“North has terrible halls.”  Familiar words for students of Omaha North High, but if one had never attended then they might be led to believe the paint was chipping, or the ceilings were scarred by water damage. They wouldn’t be wrong, but they probably wouldn’t have gotten the intended message.  At North High, it’s well known that the hallways during passing period typically do not...

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Denaya Lewis, Opinion Writer | February 24, 2020

2020 started with a bang for the royal family of Britain. The newlywed Duchess of Sussex Meghan, and Prince Harry decided to take a leave of absence from their royal duties. They have also decided to give up royal titles and state funding.  The move came as a surprise and received a lot of backlash. A lot of people are blaming Meghan for “ruining” the royal family.  Since they are very...

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