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Megan Bechtolt, News Writer | October 31, 2019

Climate change and global warming has affected every state in the Unites States. There are more people talking about it how big of a problem this is. Climate change has affected the way we live and act. There’s been more articles, news stories, and conversations about this.  Omaha had a climate change strike/rally on September 20th and September 27th. There is the third annual Nebraska Youth...

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Kaden Hughes, Sports Writer | October 31, 2019

This year, Major League Baseball players and teams broke multiple records this season, almost all of these records pertained to homeruns. People see this in 2 different ways, the result of more players swinging for homeruns and homeruns only, or the result of juiced baseballs.   A “juiced ball” has been a term since the 90s where it became a theory based on an increase in homeruns. This was...

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