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Belligerent braids and mysterious monsters

Zoe Law, Opinion and Entertainment writer | December 16, 2022

New Netflix series “Wednesday,” a must watch this winter “Wednesday,” the new Netflix hit series by Tim Burton does not disappoint. For as long as I can remember, Tim Burton’s films have always been some of my favorites; like “Corpse Bride” and “Edward Scissorhands.” “Wednesday” is no different. This comedic yet frightening tale follows the story of a young...

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Nayera Abdessalam, Managing Editor and Backpage writer | November 28, 2022

Hung Nguyen, 10 Favorite fall memory: “Going to football games with friends or maybe homecoming.” Favorite winter memory: “Going to wrestling tournaments.” Aaliyah Farmer, 12 Favorite fall memory: “Baking the best sweet potato pies with my dad.” Favorite winter memory: “Building snowmen and having snowball fights with my brothers in our backyard.” Yasmine Alhejaj,...

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