Gotta Bowl: Omaha North High returns with a bowling team

Isabella Booth, News writer

Bowling is not new as a sport at Omaha North High. It once was a sport a couple of years ago, but people lost interest in it, so they had to stop competing. No one can confirm when exactly they stopped having it as a team sport, so there is now unified bowling.  

Though bowling was created in the Ancient Egypt it did not come to America until the 17th century. Finally, it came to Omaha Public Schools over 60 years ago. Now in 2021 bowling is making its comeback as a sport at Omaha North. 

Over the years people have become more interested in bowling. This year the bowling team will be bowling at Maple Woods Lane.  

Bowling was a unified club, a club where students with and without intellectual disabilities took part in the sport, as well here at Omaha North, but because not a lot of people were interested in bowling, it was not a sport. 

Andrew Frecks, geometry teacher at North, is the current head coach for Omaha North’s team. Frecks is excited to be the coach for this year, as he has always had an interest in bowling. He was on the bowling team for the University of Kansas for a few years during the late 90s. Frecks has since been in and out of bowling leagues. 

A couple of students at North think it is a clever idea that it is coming back. Jacob DeForest, 12,  is one of the students that thinks it is great. DeForest plans to join the team and he has a couple of friends who bowl professionally. 

“I see it as a great utility to be able to demonstrate to young people how to practice and see what people have done before us and taking advice because that is what I think high school sports are mostly about.” says Frecks. 

Frecks welcomes any young person to come check out the bowling team with the possibility of making friends, improving your bowling skills, and having fun.