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OPS district board modifies 2021-22 school calendar, affects North High teachers

Nayera Abdessalam, News Writer | November 30, 2021

On September 9th, OPS board members voted all in favor of changing five student learning days to various forms of teacher planning and development days. This is part of the Academic Acceleration and Recovery efforts that OPS is implementing this year in wake of learning time lost last year due to COVID-19 ( SparqData).  Academic Acceleration and Recovery calls for more time for teachers...

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Omaha activists demonstrate outrage after ongoing struggle for power in abortion conversation

Elena Gaines, News Editor | November 30, 2021

On Saturday, October 2, approximately 120,000 people gathered nationwide to show their support for maintaining the autonomy of women’s bodies according to news site,  This surge of protest comes following a new state law in Texas. The policy prohibits abortions after the first detected heartbeat, typically around 6 weeks, with little to no exception for rape or incest. This will severely...

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