Lady Viking wrestling season comes to a finish


Chelsey Robinson, 10, stands on the wrestling mat with her opponent. Robinson has been on the wrestling team since last year.

Tatyanna Estwick, Feature and Sports Writer

Along with many other winter sports such as basketball, swimming and bowling ,the girl’s wrestling season has come to a end.

Joshyonna Coppage–Dortch, 10, is a wrestler for the girl’s team at North High School . Coppage-Dortch began wrestling her freshman year and before the season started, she attended conditioning to get her prepared for the season.

Coppage -Dortch says she grew up around wrestling because her cousins on her dad’s side did it .

“It was mainly the boys , they got to [wrestle] and I couldn’t,”said Coppage -Dortch. “It made me want to do it even more .”

Chelsey Robinson, 10, is also a wrestler for the girl’s wrestling team. Robinson joined the team her freshman year and became interested in wrestling because it is not necessarily a team sport, but it is competitive.

“I like beating people, it’s a singular sport so you’re the one that beat them [not the team],” said Robinson

La’Nie Green, 11, is a wrestler for the girls’s team and a teammate of Robinson and Coppage-Dortch. Green became interested in wrestling when she was five years old from watching her older brother wrestle, soon after she started training with him. Green did not start competing until her eighth grade year.

“My mom thought I was too girly to compete [at first ],” said Green.

Often wrestling is thought of as a intense sport for boys, but according to Green wrestling is not what people make it seem .

“If you have an aggressive side to you , wrestling will help bring that out more,” said Green. “Girls’ wrestling is very active and hands on, it helps you understand yourself as a young lady.”

Robinson agrees that girls wrestling is very active and hands on .

“Practices are hard just like any other sport , [but] it makes games easier and better “, said Robinson.

Robinson says she improved a lot this season, she has a record of thirty wins to nine loses this season .

“ I accomplished a better record this year,” said Robinson.

Coppage-Dortch says she did not do as well as she expected but she also did much better than last year.

“I’m not satisfied with how I ended the season but it was fun while it lasted,” said Coppage -Dortch.

Green says even though she didn’t accomplish what she wanted to, she did really well.

“ I’m proud of myself,” said Green. “I was predicted not to medal at state but I did anyways .”

One of the many benefits of being an athlete is creating a bond with your teammates, Green says her teammates are her backbone.

“ I want to make sure they are okay so that they can support me the way I need to be supported,” said Green.

Coppage-Dortch also says that the team is really close and supportive but that the bond extends further than just the girls’ wrestling team.

“My teammates are cool and I love them all,” said Coppage-Dortch. “We are more then just teammates, we are family and that goes for both boys and girls.”

Robinson also says that the team is really close.

The connection between the wrestlers shine a different light on wrestling, one that most people don’t normally get to see.

Even though this season is coming to an end the girls have goals for next season.

“Next season I want to place in state and work harder in practice,” said Coppage -Dortch

Green also has big goals for next year with it being her last year to compete in sports .

“My goal for next season is to stay persistent and head on for my team,” said Green. “It is also my goal to help the new girls come in.”

Green says she wants to make a change and leave her mark at North High her senior year.

“ I want to be the first girl champion at North High, I know I can do it so I’m going to make it happen, “said Green.

Not only does Green want to see her self win, she wants to see the whole team win.

“Hopefully the girls are top five at state,” said Green.