The North Star

Kylie Hughes, Features Editor | February 12, 2019

Across the library, in the back corner, sits a seemingly inconspicuous door. Many students disregard this door, most have probably never even noticed it. Yet, to some students, they know this door and what lies behind it and the importance it plays at North High. In what once was a storage closet, which used to house old technology as it was replaced with new devices, North has its very own food...

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Meet the Browns

Moolaw Soe, Features Editor | February 12, 2019

Distance, in a relationship teaches many lessons in the process of overcoming the barriers. Jamie Brown, a science teacher at Omaha North, has been married to her husband, Dillion Brown for two years. Dillion is enlisted in the military, which in some ways takes a toll in Brown’s life. Luckily, for both, Dillion is stationed in Nebraska and they live together in Bellevue. He gets deployed for...

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