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Vivian Landis, Section A Reporter | March 1, 2021

Lauren Sitzman, 11, distinctly remembers the family trip she took to Arizona while in Kindergarten. While hiking up a mountain with her family, she absentmindedly put her hand down and felt herself being stung. Being a mere six years old, she was instantly curious. What had just stung her? What kind of creatures had the ability to sting people? Little did Sitzman know that these newly found questions...

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“On Pointe,” New Documentary Series Inspires the Young and Old minds by the Passion Provided by Student Dancers.

Jaeden Johnson, Entertainment Writer | February 26, 2021

Ballet standards and the devotion can be obsessive with dancers, teachers, and parents. “On Pointe,” includes a six-part documentary series about the prestigious School of American Ballet (SAB) and the personal lives of some of the students.  The show features many dancers in different situations. One feature includes a family who faces socioeconomic barriers in the Bronx, and one...

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