Everyone is in Love with Love Island 

What’s Love Island one may ask? It’s a British reality show centered around a group of “sexy singles” and how they have to couple up and find love in order to stay on the show. This dating show has been running for five seasons, but it’s just now becoming popular in the U.S.  

America has seemingly been plagued by cheesy dating shows, mainly The Bachelor/Bachelorette, but it seems that newer generations just aren’t hooking onto it. According to ratings Hannah B.’s season premiere of the newest season of The Bachelorette was down 15% from last season. 

Love Island is a different breed of reality dating show, reminiscent of the more popular Bachelor spinoff Bachelor in Paradise. The fact that there’s more than one set of couples truly amps up the drama and guilty viewing pleasure of the whole show.  

Love Island’s growing popularity in America isn’t exactly surprising when you understand the success it amassed in the U.K. When I was in London this past summer, there were so many Love Island signs, billboard, and window advertisements that it was hard to miss. Even when I was reading a newspaper that I bought in a store at the ferry port, I was surprised by a multitude of spoilers and opinion pieces about the show. 

This show stands out in America partly because of its British charm. Hearing funky slang and different accents with the straight to the point and blunt premise of the show makes it a perfect guilty pleasure watch. 

The popularity of Love Island among Gen-Zers isn’t too hard to comprehend. With the state of the world (politics, the environment, the economy, etc.) escapism is riding an all time high. This is pictured perfectly during a scene in Euphoria, a show on HBO about a recovering teenage drug addict and the people surrounding her, where Rue is in the midst of a major depressive episode where she can’t even make herself get up to use the restroom. She’s laying in her bed dripping sweat from not leaving her room for days mindlessly watching Love Island because it’s the only thing that takes her mind off of the current mental state she’s in. 

Love Island may not be good television, it might even be the worst, but that’s what makes it so appealing. It’s over dramatic, over the top, and something that’s just easy to watch. It isn’t a show that needs deciphered or a major amount of brain power to comprehend, it’s a quick, easy, and entertaining escape. Sometimes a break from the hard reality of the world we live in is desperately needed, and Love Island supplies us with that perfect mindless break.