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Russell Stover’s stole my heart

Picture by Mya Green

Valentine’s Day is full of love and affection, no matter if it is coming from yourself or others. We all find love and happiness in many different things, which I think is a large part of Valentines Day. It is not always about relationships but even friendships or self-care and love.

Valentine’s Day candy is one of many gifts people like to receive. In the United States, Americans spent an estimated 2.2 billion dollars (about seven dollars per person in the US) on Valentine’s Day candy in 2022. During Valentine’s Day week, consumers purchase 58 million pounds of candies according to

There are many different candy choices for Valentine’s Day. The most popular and most sold Valentine’s Day candy is conversation hearts. These have always been one of my favorites. The second most popular Valentine’s candy is heart-shaped boxes of chocolate. They come in so many different varieties, so you can get whichever one you would like. Even if you do not like all the chocolates included, find someone who does and share it with them. Lastly M&M’s, a classic no matter what time of year it is.

My favorite are the Valentines one especially even though they have the same taste. I am team chocolate 100 percent. Some of the best Valentine’s Day chocolates are M&Ms, Hershey, Reese’s, Snickers, Milky Way and Hershey Kisses.

The best type of chocolate is milk chocolate. Dark chocolate can be extraordinarily rich compared to milk chocolate which has a smooth and almost silky texture, which I enjoy. When involving chocolate, I also do not like fruits incorporated in it like orange or strawberries. If it is blended into a cream like strawberry crème, I am not a fan. If it is not dried fruits, I do not think it should be in cased in chocolate.

As goes with coconut. I do not like coconut and chocolate. Russell Stover’s is a brand I see around Valentine’s Day but truly is a favorite all year round. Russell Stover Chocolates is one of the most beloved brands of chocolate in the US. My favorite thing to receive on Valentine’s Day is the heart shaped chocolate box due to its many different chocolates and flavors. With many brands changing their packaging to be festive and fitting for the holidays, it brings excitement around shopping. Personally, I love the pink and red color themed packaging and it encourages my purchasing. Even other than just chocolate on Valentine’s Day gummy candies is just as of an excellent choice.

I decided to try out a mixed box of Russel Stover chocolates and rate the assorted flavors. I purchased my box from Target and it contained nine chocolates inside but only one of each and two copies. It was 11 dollars and 99 cents in the Valentine’s Day chocolate section. My expectations were for there to be a variety of different flowers and kinds of chocolate with maybe even some white chocolate in the box. I was also expecting there to be two of each of their chocolate’s, such as, two caramels and two of all the other ones.

The square caramel shaped chocolate is a nine out of ten. It was my favorite by far out of the seven different chocolates inside the box. The first bite I took, I could taste how rich and delicious the caramel and milk chocolate flavored blends together. The combination of chocolate and caramel might be the best.

The circular shaped strawberry crème was a five out of ten. It was not my favorite because I did not like the mixture of strawberries and crème. There was a good balance between the strawberry and milk chocolate flavors but overall, I did not really like this one as much. I think I would like it better without the crème. This one is a dark chocolate with caramel and peanuts it was a seven out of ten. It had a good balance between all three. I like how this one has a good amount of each throughout the whole thing.

I wish there were more peanuts inside of this one though. But this one was good overall. The peanut clusters one was also a nine out of ten. iIt was my second favorite overall. I enjoyed this one a lot, particularly the good chocolate and peanuts. It is great together. I like this one more than the one with peanuts and caramel and overall, the milk chocolate goes great with a little bit of peanuts. The circle vanilla crème was a four out of ten. It was not my favorite because it needed more vanilla. I

just do not like the taste of vanilla and crème mixed with chocolate. But it could grow on me. I would share this one with someone else who likes it more than me. This was the Dark CHocolate and it was a six out of ten. I do not like dark chocolate as much compared to milk chocolate, but this one is very chocolatey. If you enjoy chocolate and truffles, this would be a hit for you. But not my favorite. I think it would be better with milk chocolate. The Chocolate butter cream this onw was a five out of ten. This one tastes like the truffle one. I think they are kind of similar, but with a less rich and bold taste. I would also share this one with someone else. I think if you like any of the ones with crème you would also enjoy this one.

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