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Holiday, sweets, treats: Scooters edition

As we transition from the fall to winter, restaurants such as Scooters and Starbucks come out with new winter flavors for coffees and pastries. I am not a huge fan of regular coffee, but I love iced coffee or blended coffees. So, this weekend I decided to taste a couple of the drinks and a pastry from Scooters. 

  The first pastry I bought was the Frosted Sugar Cookie. When it was given to me the frosting was stuck to the bag it was held in, so I was not able to get a good look at the cookie. From what I could see it looked just like a regular cookie with white frosting and red sprinkles. 

 From the first bite it was extremely sweet, and there was a thick layer of frosting on the cookies, not anything too special that caught my eye about it. It was too sweet for me, but it was not bad either. The cookie does have the Christmas spirit that consumers would have expected from Scooters. 

 I did not finish the cookie because it was too sweet for me. The frosting is a cream cheese frosting which is not too powerful, and the cookie itself is exceptionally smooth and buttery. but I think a little kid or anyone craving something sweet would enjoy it. It is not something I would order again but it is not as bad as other items.  

 The coffee I ordered was called the Iced Sugar Cookie Latte. That was the only drink that they had that was different from other coffee shop flavors that I have gone to. Most stick with the same ones such as a peppermint flavor.  

 The first sip I had tasted just like regular coffee with a little bit of sugar. I mixed it up again, but it still tasted like coffee just with more sugar added. I was a little bit disappointed because I was thinking it was going to taste like a sugar cookie. The flavor was not good either. To me it was just boring, maybe if I had asked for a different milk and more syrup it would have been better.  

 The last drink that was ordered was called Peppermint Mocha Blended. I did not try this drink but my father’s girlfriend, Breonna Sanchez, tried it for me. She is not a major fan of regular coffee either, but she does like blended & iced coffees too.  

 “The peppermint and Mocha flavors go really good together, really tasty and it is perfect for the winter. Definitely will be getting it again,” Sanchez says.  

 The only downside of the drink that Sanchez said was that the peppermint flavor was not as strong as she intended it to be. She says that if the peppermint flavor were stronger, it would have been just right. Next time she orders she will ask for more peppermint flavoring. 

 I was not able to try the drink myself, but the smell of it was strong for a blended drink. As soon as it was handed to me it did have a slight scent of peppermint and of course, coffee.  

The presentation of the drink was good, it had a swirl of whipped cream with green and red sprinkles, which was cute.  

 The overall review was okay for me and Sanchez. Nothing stood out to us from the drinks to the pastries. I am not a huge fan of Christmas theme flavors, but these were not too bad. It is not something I would be getting again, but I have tasted worse.  


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Jewels Hall
Jewels Hall, Opinion and Entertainment Writer
My name is Jeweliana Hall but all my friends call me jewels. Something interesting about myself is that I’m a member in BSLC and I’m also the secretary for Norths chapter and I’m also in student council. One thing I’m excited for is to get our work out more and to get more students interested.  

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