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Valentines Day for the kids

When you think about Valentine’s Day you might think about love, relationships and gift giving. But a lot of people do not think about what schools do. Valentine’s Day was always a holiday that we would love to look forward to when we were younger such as elementary school. Not as much as Christmas but still one of the funniest, because you get to receive gifts and even spend time with someone you love.

As you get older your idea of what Valentine’s Day changes, from fun to love or boring to even more boring, or even excitement to in love possibly. The holiday we know as Valentine’s Day is known to be about romantic love but the holiday, we know today got its name from a man named valentine who is not talked about when we think of Valentine’s Day. When I think of Valentine’s Day I think of when I first started celebrating Valentine’s Day’s which was in elementary school. As Valentine’s Day in elementary school was a day about caring about others and showing others our appreciation by even giving little gifts of candy, cards, or even little toys. Valentine’s Day offers an excellent teaching moment for parents to share with their kids the importance of being loving, kind people, and to teach them how to be caring to others. Stated by From my point of view Valentine’s Day in elementary was my favorite because as going through elementary school, middle school, and freshman year of high school.

I can say for myself that elementary school was the best because it actually brought all of the kids together so that we could spend time together which I think is very beneficial for kids. Throughout middle school it changed a lot, we were dealing with Covid-19, so it made it extremely hard to do anything, but we might have been given candy. Then lastly freshman year of high school at this point we are all old enough to know what Valentine’s Day is truly about, but at this point you might get gifts from friends or someone that you love but other than that it is not celebrated in high school other than the student council flowers stand. Valentine’s Day in elementary school. Starting in elementary school Valentine’s Day was a day that I would look forward to every year.

I remember that we would put on a Valentine’s Day party and the whole week leading up to it everyone would be ecstatic. On the day of, we would have a variety of Valentines Day treats and sweets. Our class would decorate the classroom with streamers, balloons, and Valentine’s Day themed decor. Me and my friends would bring sweets to celebrate for lunch. At the end of the school day, we had a big Valentines Day party, and it would be like trick or treating. Everyone would decorate a candy box so we could all pass out candy or valentine’s cards to one another. Valentine’s Day in middle school. The change from elementary school to middle school when it comes to Valentine’s Day it was definitely different mostly because of Covid we definitely couldn’t celebrate it but even if there wasn’t Covid it would be the same.

Even though we did not celebrate it at school I still loved it, partly because it was so close to my birthday or just because it brings happiness all around. Of course, on Valentine’s Day you would hear Happy Valentines Day! I also would receive a gift from a friend but overall, it’s definitely not celebrated as much as it was in elementary school. Valentine’s Day in high school. Valentine’s day in high school is my second favorite when choosing between the three, even though we did not do much freshmen year the atmosphere was still overly exciting, and you could still feel all throughout the school that it was Valentine’s Day.

With many people receiving gifts from friends and or their partner it was much more exciting than middle school and it was something more to love forward to. Though it still did not feel the same compared to elementary school.Nothing can compare to how happy and excited everyone was in elementary. Also, when it is Valentine’s Day you know spring break is right around the corner with just a few more weeks to go. which is much needed by many. On valentine days student council also puts together a little flower stand if you forget to give someone flowers or would just love to give yourself flowers. Which I think adds a little bit of happiness around. Going throughout each state of school you can feel the happiness and joy of the holiday fading away and we all become less excited and it, which happens with a lot of things as we grow, just becomes less happy and fun.

Which I think it should not we should make Valentine’s Day for all grades just because we are getting older does not mean we do not enjoy fun and exciting things. School can be an incredibly sad and stressful environment a lot of the time so it would be great to add some light into the schools. A little bit of joy cannot hurt sometimes. One day out of the day we can add some happiness even without disrupting our education and even if it does a little it is only one day out of the year. I don’t think everything has to be so serious all the time. As goes for adults they still love fun things just as much as kids. From a teacher’s standpoint they might otherwise.

Mr. Weimer the robotics teacher stated “Not really, because if it is done during the school day it interrupts the flow of the school day and it makes it harder for me as a teacher to do my job.

Overall as we grow older life changes even throughout the little parts of life like Valentine’s Day and with that speaking, we should still take time and enjoy the trivial things that might have a bigger impact in the end.

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