Review on “The Princess Switch”


Graphic by Jaeden Johnson

Jaeden Johnson, Entertainment Writer

“The Princess Switch” is a classic, “The Parent Trap” replicate, but slightly different. Netflix put out an array of new movies for the 2018-2019 holiday season. One of these movies is called, “The Princess Switch,” released November 16, 2018, and directed by Michael Rohl.

“The Princess Switch” is a stereotypical story of a baker from Chicago, Stacy DeNovo, (played by Vanessa Hudgens), discovers that her co-worker, Kevin (played by, Nick Sagar), has entered their business in a prestigious baking competition in the Kingdom of Belgravia.

While Stacy cleans off her apron, she runs into the Duchess of Montenaro, played by Vanessa Hudgens. The two girls discover that they look identical, and the Duchess invites Stacy back to her castle where she plans to marry Prince Edward (played by, Sam Palladio) that weekend.

The duchess courageous asks Stacy for a favor to – for switch” lives with her to know what it is really like to be an average girl. Stacy has difficulty at first learning how to act and talk like a royal, but at first, she finds it most difficult to communicate with—her fiancé, Prince Edward.

As the plot in any other, “Parent Trap” movie, Stacy DeNovo falls in love with Prince Edward, and the Duchess falls in love with Kevin, because she is only marrying Edward for business purposes. Stacy adores a man who has a plan and is prim-and-proper. The Duchess falls in love with Kevin’s kindred spirit.

Although I did like, “The Princess Switch, I thought maybe the ending was too predictable. This movie was a classic rom-com where star-crossed lovers are being drawn apart, in this case by royal duties. By just watching the first 30 minutes, I could already tell the plot of the ending.

I recommend this movie, because it will truly warm up your heart in the cold winter holidays. “The Princess Switch” is a charming movie to watch, and it will go perfectly with a hot chocolate in hand snuggled up by the fire with luxurious blankets.