To all the Netflix movies I’ve loved before

Netflix’s new original movie scores big with audiences

Salena Alderson, Entertainment Editor

Life can take an unexpected turned at any time, and normally catches you off guard. Well, that’s what happened to Laura Jean when her little sister exposes her secret love letters to her childhood crushes, sending her simple life on a wild roller coaster. She develops a contracted relationship that changes her life.  

This teen drama/romance film is a definite add to your watchlist. Some may see this movie as a regular teen romance or “chick flick”, but in reality it has so many other elements besides the romance aspect. Laura Jena deals with ignoring her true feelings, her older sister Margot leaving for college, being raised by a single parent, and being hated by her ex-best friend.  

The story is very relatable because life can be awkward, out of control, or just plain scary. It’s a wonderful example of a well-rounded film.  

Some things I really love about this movie is the little sister’s (Kitty) personality, Peter’s romantic gesture, and Lara Jean’s reactions. The little sister is my favorite character because she’s witty, hilarious, and feisty. She really adds comedy to the movie that makes I much more enjoyable.  

Kitty makes fun of Lara Jean’s driving is what makes her character so loveable. Then there’s Peter with his amazing romantic gesture that I thought was unexpected but truly romantic. Being able to go somewhere far away just to get someone one thing that they love is absolutely the sweetest thing ever.  

Lastly, Lara Jean’s reactions were always perfect. From the expressions on her face to the responses she had in awkward situations were priceless.  

Although I favored many things about the movie, I still didn’t like some of the characters actions. But it wouldn’t be a well-rounded film if their wasn’t conflicting events that take place. 

I really enjoyed this movie and I hope to see some sequels in the future. Given that this movie was based on the 2014 novel written by Jenny Han. She’s written 2 more additional books, “To All the Boys I Loved Before.” Go watch the movie and keep your fingers crossed for the sequel release.

Graphic by Salena Alderson