Jeremy Scott


Nathaniel Smith, Editor-in-Chief

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“I’m trying to make joy. I’m trying to make happiness, and I don’t consider that superficial. That I consider extremely necessary,” says Jeremy Scott to I-D Magazine.

According to Vogue Magazine, Jeremy Scott never discards an article of clothing. Once when he was 13, he threw away a t-shirt that he thought he didn’t like, only to regret it a week later. Everything that Scott has ever owned or created has been stuffed into a box somewhere.

In his latest collection, this box was opened.

Joy was what he did. Kansas City native, Jeremy Scott, experienced his 15th year of fashion shows while debuting his spring+summer collection of 2019. Spanning over 64 outfits and ranging from shades of neon orange to army green, Scott fills his collection with words that have been swarming millennial culture while still alluding to the Club Kid era that he was a part of.

The most telling part of this collection that showed his inspiration was through a print that was filled with old polaroids of him wearing head turning hairdos with a matching makeup look. While heavily referring to the 90s and the club kid era, none of Scott’s looks come off as dated or vintage. Instead, these looks represent a joyful look at who Jeremy Scott was.


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