Stranger Things season 2 review

Ja'Naya Hanks, Entertainment Editor

We all know those shows that definitely don’t need a second season, well this is not one of those AT ALL! Honestly I am so I love with the second season, give me more.

At first, I thought I was absolutely going to hate watching it because whenever I watch a really good season of anything, the second one is garbage.

The first season was all about looking for 12-year old Will Byers after he mysteriously disappeared in a small Indiana town. His mother Joyce Byers launched a huge investigation to the authorities of the town.

As the investigation went on a strange series of events began to unravel. Things started getting crazier and crazier and soon no one really believed anything that Joyce was saying.

But that mother instinct kicked in and Joyce and Chief Hopper worked hard, along with a lot of help from Will’s best friends, his older brother, and his lady friend, who’s best friend also disappeared.

A faceless monster called a Demagorgon was going around killing and eating people. That is what is feared to have taken Will.

Oh yeah there’s also this supernatural girl named Eleven, that kind of just popped up, but she knows where Will is and she also is a huge help in the discovery of “The Upside Down” which is where Will was. She tagged along with the boys, and grew a really strong bond with them.

Long story short they found Will, but he was never the same. Eleven sacrificed herself to save the boys she had become so close with..

This is where the second season starts. At first Will was just as normal as he was before, a shy and very quiet boy who really loved video games.

Soon some weird things started happening to Will, he started to have dreams and images of him being in the Upside Down again. It turns out he really was and there were big things happening in the Upside Down.

Will still had something inside of him which is slowly killing him from the inside. There was also a loose Demagorgon going around the town, which had now multiplied, and now the team has to go and try to go fix it by themselves.

I’m not going to spoil the end of it but that is nowhere near the whole plot. There’s also some love triangles which just makes the whole story super juicy. Eleven comes back, and I totally thought she was dead.

There’s also so many plot twists and cliff hangers that keep me on the edge of my seat. There were also so many emotional parts and then I caught myself crying and blowing my nose. Then I was right back faced into my phone.

There are a couple of new characters and now they play bigger roles and I’m in love.

Season two gets five stars from me. The whole series gets five stars. I am actually so in love with it, I need fifteen more seasons.