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Tevin Conley, Sports Editor | April 10, 2019

With winter ending and spring starting soon that means it is time for track season. Track season officially started with their first practice on Feb. 26. The Vikings season started way before practice though. Conditioning has been going on for weeks, also some athletes have also spent their own time preparing and training for the upcoming season. “I usually do track all year- round so,...

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Push pushes into underclassmen football rankings

Richard Marcoux, Sports Writer | April 10, 2019

Of all high school athletes who compete for their high school’s football team, only 6.9 percent of these athletes will go on to play at a NCAA sponsored school. Then, of those 73,063 NCAA college athletes, only 253 of those will be drafted into the NFL. With these statistics, the odds of any high school football player making it to the professionals are very slim. Despite these low chances, it...

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