Plans for summer sports: Even though the school year is ending, sports are still going to be up and running.  

Desiree Hausman, News writer


Basketball is having off-season practice time and practices after school.  

“Being able to knock down open shots is really important for us and makes the game much easier obviously,” said Head Coach Thomas Liechti. 

At the beginning of June, the basketball team will start working on skill work and weightlifting every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. On June 17 and 18, the basketball team will travel to Kansas City for a camp where they will play four games against schools from Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri.  


The head coach of cheerleading, LaTerra Pierce, says they will also be practicing throughout the summer. 

Cheerleaders will go down to Lincoln to learn new skills for four days. Cheerleaders meet other teams and will compete in dance, cheer, and sidelines. The sidelines are when the cheerleaders keep the fan spirit high during games.   

Cross Country 

Cross Country Head Coach Andrew Zimmer says they plan on conditioning twice a week at Omaha North. They will do running, lifting, and also do evening runs at Memorial Park. 

On June 3, 2023, they are planning to have a team-building day at Mahoney State Park. They plan to do some activities and run within the park.  


“Golfers are encouraged to participate in a six-week program sponsored by the Nebraska Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) that includes one on one training, skills development and competitions,” said the golf’s team head coach Corey Degner.  

The golfers learn from PGA, college golfers and other area coaches. At the end of the six-week program, they have a tournament.  

Degner encourages the golfers to get out and play with their friends and family or their teammates.  

“We will also look into getting together a few times at the driving range as a team,” said Degner. 

The golfers could also sign up for Youth on Course or Clubs Fore Youth programs. The program organizes many tournaments during the summer, and they offer discount fees at area courses. 


The girls’ volleyball team plans conditioning on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from nine to 11 a.m. at King Science. The head coach Marguita Bowden says they have a summer League game on Tuesday evenings at the Bellevue Lied Center. 


The softball team summer work out starts in June. They will be working on skill works for defense and offense. Eric Janecek is the head coach for softball and baseball.  


The baseball team legion season tryouts are going to be May 11 and 12. Thier games start May 22.  

“Legion season is just like the spring season. The only difference now is the teams are not affiliated with the schools,” said Janecek. 

The baseball teams are now sponsored by businesses or companies. They play teams in Nebraska and surrounding states.  

Many students plan to go to these activities to help them with their sports season.