Job well Doane: Samantha Wilson signs with Tiger’s

Angie Twombly, Editor-in-Chief

Samantha Wilson, 12, officially signed on to play golf at Doane University on November 18, 2022.

Wilson has been playing golf for Omaha North High School since her junior year after she sustained a knee injury during volleyball.

“I had hit a couple [of] golf balls before, and I wanted to get into it,” Wilson said.

The summer before her first year playing golf, Wilson joined Nebraska PGA Reach, which is a golf camp in Lincoln that helps kids enjoy the game. Wilson was interested in pursuing golf because she knew it was a sport that she could play throughout her entire life.

Golf is a lifelong sport because it focuses more on someone’s mental strength than someone’s physical strength, according to CNN.

Wilson did not feel her first year was her best. However, after constant practice, help from Jason Scranton, Wilsons moms’ boyfriend and competing in tournaments, she felt as if she had made improvements.

Wilson improved on many things
like her swing, putting and chipping, which are all crucial in scoring lower and winning the game.

All of Wilson’s family have consistently been a great support system for her by keeping her on track and showing up at her events. Scranton was one of her biggest supporters.

“He also plays golf,” Wilson said. “He practiced with me, taught me a couple of things and got me private lessons.”

Wilson is the first person from North to complete a college signing for golf since the early 90s.

Her coaches are extremely proud.

English teacher and Head Golf Coach Corey Degner was glad to have Wilson on the team because of the leadership role she played as the only senior on the team.

“With her work ethic and being here every day, she led by example,” Degner said. “[She] is a good team player for a sport that’s not exactly a team sport.”

Art teacher and Assistant Golf Coach Hannah Muroski thinks Wilson is very encouraging towards her teammates and shows how dedication pays off.

“She’s going to college,” Muroski said. “She’s making the most out of the two years she had.”

Wilson’s teammate Zareena Abdessalam, 9, says that Wilson was a positive aspect of the team because she was constantly cheering everyone on. She would also make sure everyone was okay with their score, and didn’t feel down

“I’m super proud and happy that she got this opportunity to sign off with Doane,” Abdessalam said.

When deciding which college was best for her, Wilson reached out to many schools, but Doane University helped her the most.

“Doane had been the one solid thing for me,” Wilson said.

The golf coach at Doane University, Jim Danson, reached out to Wilson asking her about the achievements she has made in golf and then took her on a tour of the school.

At the end of the tour, he offered her a golf scholarship, and a few weeks later Wilson accepted the offer.

Doane University also offered Wilson an academic scholarship. She is working to receive the Hansen Leadership Scholarship and the Haddix Scholarship.

Due to the signing, Wilson received a polo and golf bag. She also earned an opportunity to travel, play golf out of state, and get closer with her future teammates.

Not only will Wilson be playing golf at Doane University, but she also hopes to become a forensic psychologist. She will be majoring in psychology and forensic science with a minor in criminology.

Wilson is excited to continue her golf journey and is ready for what the future holds.