Winter conditioning lack of space leads to golf not practicing


Graphic by Richard Marcoux

Richard Marcoux, Sports Writer

In preparation for the spring sports season, throughout Omaha North High School winter conditioning is taking place. On top of winter sports, like basketball, swimming, and wrestling, spring sports still have to condition during winter. As a result, this leaves a lack of space for athletes trying to get in shape and succeed for their next season.

Current winter sports teams are already taking up a lot of space throughout the school. Basketball alone takes up the MPC and old gym every day. The wrestling team takes up the wrestling room and the dance team takes up the old wrestling room Swimming also has training in the weight room and on the indoor track going around the MPC.

This does not leave a lot of space for other sports to condition. Track practices in the weight room when they are able to but are often seen running through the halls on the colder days of winter. Baseball also gets into the weight room while winter sports aren’t using it, and they as well have to run through the halls because of the lack of space.

On top of these two spring sports attempting to find space to practice, the golf team has no room to practice in the school, which effects their performance during the season. Other schools get to practice during the winter, and with such a short season, golf has little to no time to improve during the season.

Isaac Brown, 11, will be golfing for his third year for the Vikings. Brown explained how winter conditioning is complicated for every golfer.

“Winter conditioning is off campus, and only certain people can go, and there’s groups of three,” Brown said.

Brown and other teammates have come up with different ways they could condition at school. If the team could condition on campus the golfers think that it would work in the Viking Center if they put up nets and mats.

This would cost the school money to purchase more equipment and open up more space for the golf team. However these changes seem achievable by Brown and others on the golf team.

Andrew Zimmer, the boy’s golf coach, has recognized this lack of space in the school. This spring, Zimmer predicts there will be, “12 to 15 golfers.” There is no winter conditioning for the golf team though. Winter conditioning is, “Definitely something we’ve thought about.”

However, with the head coach, Joe Wiegand, not working in the building, the team doesn’t have as much access.

“If the kids wanted to condition, it would be worth it to reserve the gym, weight room, or the track,” Zimmer said.

The main conflict with space is contributed by the basketball team. Since they are in season, they have to take up space which causes problems for other sports like golf who want to condition during the off season.