Running in the winter

What to wear and where to run

Richard Marcoux, Sports Writer

One of the cheapest and most common ways to stay in shape is by running regularly. Yet once the winter months hit, it can be a lot more difficult to find the space to run, and the opportunity to do it safely.

Finding places to run in the winter can be easier than it may seem, the first place that most people also run during the summer is the normal sidewalks that go throughout Omaha. Runners should just make sure that it is a day or two after it snows just in case people have not shoveled and put salt down because slipping on turns is very easy if the concrete is icy.

A second place you can go is to an indoor track. Some public indoor tracks are found at the Downtown YMCA, Elkhorn Common Ground, and the KROC Center is currently building an addition that will have an indoor track. Running on an indoor track has its positives like keeping you out of the elements you can wear more comfortable clothing. The main complaint about indoor tracks is the increased number of laps for a mile, and also having to slow down on a lot of turns in order to make sure you don’t slip or run into the wall.

Another place that you can run during the winter is on an outdoor track. Many outdoor tracks get a lot of sun, providing an opportunity for the snow to melt. A plus to running on an outdoor track is that even if it is wet there are not very sharp turns so falling will be less likely.

Once anyone has found a place to run in the winter, the runner must be aware of their safety regarding their health. Some health factors are the same during warmer weather but there are also some adjustments that runners must make based on the colder temperatures.

In colder weather, you have to make sure that you keep your body covered and warm. This can be done by either wearing sweatpants or compression pants under your shorts. If anyone feels really cold they can wear a long sleeve shirt or a sweatshirt. But probably the most important thing to remember is to keep your head warm with a hat, if it isn’t covered you can catch a cold, or get headaches.