A never-ending disappointment

Halloween Ends has all the hype and no payoff



Giovanni Valentine, Opinion and Entertainment writer

Halloween Ends is the 13th and final installment in the iconic slasher film series. This is the third film of David Gordon Green and Danny McBride’s Trilogy that began back in 2018 and it’s so terrible, bad doesn’t even cover it.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film is “the lowest grossing of the trilogy” pulling in only $41 million on its opening weekend at the box office. Falling short against both of its predecessors with Halloween Kills pulling in $50 million and Halloween (2018) with $77.5 million.

That’s not surprising whatsoever considering this movie is so immensely bad. Well, apart from the eternal disappointment known as Halloween: Resurrection, this one is absolute garbage.

I was one of many who ultimately loved the first movie, Halloween, 2018. The film was completely back to the basics with the continuation of events connected to the very first film from 1978. A story of Michael Myers breaking free from his holding facility, prepared for a killing spree.

Aside from a few critiques, I thought it was great. I was also one of the few that enjoyed last year’s Halloween Kills. It was a whole hour and a half of an extremely angry Michael Myers out for revenge on the entire town of Haddonfield, Illinois and being the Michael Myers fan I am, I was completely onboard.

So now, here we are on a subpar cliffhanger, leaving us with a promised final epic clash in this legendary saga between the unstoppable killer Michael Myers and the ultimate final girl herself, Laurie Strode, played by the one and only, Jamie Lee Curtis.

After months of false advertising and undeserving hype, Halloween Ends was finally released to theaters and to streaming via Peacock on October 14. I had the displeasure of going on opening night and after a good 30 minutes of the film, I was fully prepared to walk out of the theater.

The movie is set four years after the events of Halloween (2018) and Halloween Kills. The entire film itself is based around a new character, Corey Cunningham, who is supposed to be the sympathetic main protagonist turned main antagonist.

Corey’s actor, Rohan Campbell, does an okay job and even though I hate his character, I must give his actor props.

Throughout the story, an incident occurs he gets blamed for and the aftermath of this makes the entire town of Haddonfield turn on him in an instant.

He becomes a contender for public enemy number one with Jamie Lee’s character, Laurie Strode.

My main issue is that Corey should not exist. He doesn’t fit in at all. I don’t see why we needed a new main character when there already were two main characters, Laurie and Michael.

I understand what they were trying to do but, it was just so unnecessary. They tried to prove a point and fell flat.

There are so many instances where I was just shaking my head at the screen or straight-up face-palming because of this character. I only liked him in the first few minutes and that quickly diminished.

I hate him and everything he has to do with this movie. He’s so pathetic and having him hook up with Allyson after they just met only two days prior makes no sense whatsoever.

Another reason is that my favorite character did nothing but make me angry. Ever since this new string of Halloween films started back in 2018, I found myself really attached to the character of Allyson Strode, played by Andi Matichak.

I loved the way the character was in the last two films. She always was so relatable to me. A bright teen girl put into a terribly perilous situation.

Yet in this movie, I feel like she’s a completely different person and the choices she made didn’t align with who she is at all.

The whole time I was in the theater, I kept questioning “Who are you and what have you done with my character?”

Why would anybody ever agree to date somebody they had only started talking to a few days prior? Her not believing her grandmother once after she was right for forty-four years also makes no sense.

I know some people will try to argue that four years is a lot of time and people can change. I can’t get behind that because I simply don’t believe people change that way, the times do. I’m sad to see my favorite character become one of my least.

Aside from that, I enjoyed Jamie Lee’s performance as Laurie in this movie. She is like a mix of the last two films’ versions of Laurie with some elements of the Laurie Strode character from the 1978 film.

I like that she’s more relatable now too, even though she’s bumped over to being a sort of side character. That is probably one of the only positives about this movie.

The third and final reason I’ll talk about is why Michael wasn’t as much of a threat as the creators were claiming he was. This might be my most critical point of frustration with this film.

Why is Michael Myers, the literal heart and soul of this franchise, besides Laurie Strode herself, a side character in his own movie?

It made me so angry that I went to the theater to see this garbage. I expected a final massacre leading up to a final fight between two of the most iconic figures in horror, yet I didn’t get that.

Instead, I got whatever this joke of a movie is. It’s not what I nor an abundance of other Halloween fans were expecting.

I’d also like to know why did they have to falsely advertise and lie to us just to get us into the theaters to watch this thing? Watching back all the trailers for this movie, it’s never hinted at what the plot is.

The trailers tease about one thing and we end up getting something entirely different in the final product, showing an epic Michael vs. Laurie fight which is what I wanted, but that’s not at all what we get, and it just makes me livid thinking about it.

Either way, if you want something, anything to pass 2 hours of your time and don’t have literally anything else to do with your life, be my guest and watch this dumpster fire they call a film. Halloween Ends is in theaters and streaming now on Peacock for a limited time.