North High cracks down by checking restroom passes

Tatyanna Estwick, Feature and Sports Writer

In May 2023, North High staff started cracking down on students by checking their bathroom passes.

Security guards started checking bathroom passes to limit the number of students that are in the hallways.

Kelly Hill, Deneen Henderson, Antonio Hill, Reginald Jamerson and Jason Smith all say that the hallways are crowded.

“The hallways can be congested,’’ said Antonio Hill. “But with security guards, it’s a lot smoother.”

According to Kelly Hill and Smith bathroom pass checks are also inforced so that way they can make sure students are not doing things they are not supposed to do.

‘’Kids hang out and smoke in the bathroom,” said Kelly Hill. Kelly Hill also says that not only can the hallways are crowded, but bathrooms are also too.

‘’You will find four students in each stall and 45 students in each bathroom,’’ said Kelly Hill.

Henderson has been at North for a year and says the bathroom is not a good meeting place.

‘’The bathroom is not a place to socialize,” said Henderson. “It’s germy and unhealthy.’’

Henderson says it is ok to fix your hair or do whatever you need to but, the bathroom should not be your focus, class should.

“If you go through life acting like you don’t care now, then you’re going to go through life not caring,” said Henderson. Henderson also thinks following rules and being a leader instead of a follower will benefit you in life.

“If you want spices [things] in your life, you have to pay the price [work for them],” said Henderson.