School’s out for “Spooky Season”

Zoe Law, Opinion and Entertainment writer

This year on October 31st and November 1st all Omaha Public School (OPS) students do not have school. On October 31st there is teacher training and time for collaboration. November 1st is used as a teacher planning day for teachers to make lesson plans and do anything they need to do to make their classes run smoothly.  

While it may simply be a coincidence that these days off are on Halloween and Day of the Dead, this may also be because of attendance and behavioral problems that can be associated with these unofficial holidays.  

“The behavior after the fact and how excited everyone is and candy. Candy everywhere. It might have been part of the equation {in deciding to have these days off school}” says Dr. Nero, Principal of Omaha North High School.  

Whatever the reason is, students are excited to have Halloween off school. Having extra time off on this unofficial holiday makes Omaha North High students happy.  

“I’m just glad I have Halloween off,” Jude Winslow, 11, says.  

This time off will give everyone a much-needed break for an extremely exciting time of the year. Having no school these days provides students with a break from school and teachers the opportunity to grade schoolwork and create lesson plans.