Omaha gets record snow fall  

Elena Gaines, News Editor

OnJanuary 26, 2021,awinterstorminto Omahafrom the west, dumping a record 11.9 inches of snow on the Metropolitan area ( is the largest single-dayamount since January 10, 1975. This resulted in poor driving conditions that had troopers on high alert. BY 9 p.m. on Monday, the authorities and highway patrolhad 313 motor assists, 28 of those being severe car accidents. 

In addition to the majority ofNebraska;Iowa,the great lakesstates, and several east coast states received over a foot of snow. Breaking the15 year-oldrecord for multiple states getting that much snow from the same storm.  

The storm resulted in three remote snow days for OPS students, the first time the new protocol was utilized.