Shooting in Odessa, TX, 25 injured, 7 killed

Mathieu Marcoux, News Writer

On September 1st, 2019 there was a shooting in Midland and Odessa, Texas. There was 25 people were wounded and 7 where killed by the shooter. The shooter, Seth Ator, was equipped with an AR style of rifle.  

This all started at 3:13 when a local trooper detained (pulled over) Seth for failing to use a turn signal. Then pulled his rifle and then shot the trooper, then speed off according to USA Today. He started to shoot other divers while speeding down interstate 20, heading toward Odessa.  

20 mins after the initial shooting of the trooper there was multiple calls coming in from the highway that Seth was going down. The police where filling up their radios trying to get responders to all of the shootings. 

He turned off the interstate and headed toward highway 191. He was still shooting other drivers on the way. Once he hit the 191, he hijacked a USPS van and executed the driver. He then took off down the highway. 

Seth was heading back to Midland on the 191 but he tried to make a stand in the parking lot of a local movie theater. The polices ended the encounter by shooting the mass shooter according to ABC News. 

Later the police found out that he failed his gun background checks. Seth was also charged in 2001 with trespassing and resisting arrest, in 2014 he was charged with intoxication in public 

August 3, 2019 In El Paso there was a shooting that killed 22 people and 24 people were injured. This mass shooting shadowed over this shooting that closely effected two cities.  

An Omaha local who would not like to be named, said, “I did not even know about this shooting until I was interviewed.” 

The gun laws in Texas are a lot more lacks they allow the purchase of long rifles/machine guns at the age of 18 but you need to pay a $200 dollar fee. In Nebraska you are not able to be in possession of a machine gun that was made before 1986.  

Noah Stahrn, a student at Omaha North said  I don’t think that anybody should be able to have a gun in general unless you are a rancher or a vet. I don’t think that you should be able to own a long rifle that can be illegally converted into a machine gun.”