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Starbucks versus Scooters: Sugar cookie Latte

As we jump from the fall season into the winter season, I am always most excited to try whatever new drinks different coffee places have.  

 The two biggest places that most often get compared are Starbucks and Scooters, each having their own line of winter drinks. 

 Scooters has the sugar cookie latte, the praline carmelicious, and the peppermint mocha.  Starbucks has the sugar cookie almond milk latte , the chestnut praline, the gingerbread latte, gingerbread oat milk chai latte, the caramel burlee latte and the peppermint mocha. Although they have some similar drinks the one, I decided to buy, and compare is the Sugar Cookie drink.  

 At scooters it is called the sugar cookie latte and I bought a medium, so it was priced at six dollars and 25 cents, and at Starbucks it is called the Sugar Cookie Almond Milk Latte, and I got that in a Grande (medium in Starbucks lingo) and that was priced at 6 dollars and 53 cents. 

 Right off the bat there is an automatic size difference, the Scooters drink was cheaper, and the cup was larger leading at 20 fluid ounces. The Starbucks drink on the other hand was way smaller at 16 fluid ounces and, well, more expensive.  

 When I first took a sip off the Scooters drink, I was automatically impressed. I was expecting it to be super sweet, and well sugary. But to my surprise the flavors were perfect, it was not too sweet, and I could still taste the coffee. It was a perfect combination.

 Since I got the drink with regular milk, substituting it with almond milk may had made it sweeter.  

 The overall look of the Scooters drinks also made the drink feel even more festive, the sprinkles on the whipped cream on top of the drink truly brought it together. 

 I often find that drinks with sprinkles, or chunks in them take away from the drink because it adds an unusual texture, but those sprinkles did not do that. 

 Compared to how well the Scooters drink was made, the Starbucks drink was an utter cc able to finish it. 

 The look of the drink was also unsettling, the sprinkles were sort of just laid on top, and provided an awkward crunch when trying to have a drink. There was no drizzle and since it was an iced drink, no whipped cream. 

 Since the drink automatically comes with almond milk, which is also the recommended milk for it, I wonder if the drink is even supposed to be sweet or just as bitter as it was. 

 Starbucks usually beats Scooters for me but this time it’s the opposite. The Scooters drink was far more appetizing and I would definitely buy it again whereas the Starbucks drink was a complete waste of money.


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