“On Pointe,” New Documentary Series Inspires the Young and Old minds by the Passion Provided by Student Dancers.

“On Pointe,” New Documentary Series Inspires the Young and Old minds by the Passion Provided by Student Dancers.

Jaeden Johnson, Entertainment Writer

Ballet standards and the devotion can be obsessive with dancers, teachers, and parents. “On Pointe,” includes a six-part documentary series about the prestigious School of American Ballet (SAB) and the personal lives of some of the students. 

The show features many dancers in different situations. One feature includes a family who faces socioeconomic barriers in the Bronx, and one feature includes a wealthy family living in Long Island, New York. On Pointe also features students living in the SAB dorms.  

All these students have the same thing in common, their dream for dancing for New York City Ballet.  SAB is the school affiliated with NYCB. This is a dream for the students. All the features of the students focused on all age level, so the audience can see the progression 

During the show, the children are preparing for Nutcracker, and the advanced levels prepare for their showcases and company contracts. I loved how they showed all levels of students from beginning to advanced levels. One feature included a dancer named Zoe who was awarded a company contract on the spot and was asked to join “The Nutcracker the next day. 

When I prepare for a show, especially a more important one, I spend about six months rehearsing for it. Professional ballet dancers in companies only take about one to two months to throw together a show. 

“When I danced for New York City Ballet, that is exactly how it happened. One moment I was training in the school, then the next day I was officially dancing with the company as an apprentice at seventeen years old.” Said former dancer with New York City Ballet, Liz ALford 

On Pointe highlighted how they do community outreach looking for dancers to join the school. It was so endearing to see that young children in all parts of New York were able to have a chance to dance with such a prestigious ballet school.  

This segment in the series shows that the School of American Ballet is actively trying to not only bring in diversity, but they want to give as many students as possible the opportunity to be able to be a dancer.  

Being a dancer, I understand the level of rigor and training that we do. Dancers must balance their rigorous schedule, which includes attendance at regular school classes, ballet class, and rehearsals.  

Seeing a documentary series about dance thrills me in general, but with this series all types of people can see all the devotion, diligence, and exhaustion that goes into being a ballet dancer as well as a student.  

A lot of the younger dancers around the age of seven talked about in the show already knowing that they want to be a professional dancer. It is so refreshing to see young minds have such passion and drive for what they love.  

Seeing students at all ages that are so passionate and know what their purpose is, is so inspiring to many because these students physically and mentally work so hard every day and know their purposeThe backstories of the features and series can be heartwarming and emotional, but overall uplifting.