Fully Remote After Winter Break


Megan Davelaar, Features Writer

It was determined by the District leadership that district leaders will be going fully remote on Tuesday, January 5through January 15. The 3/2 model will return on Tuesday, January 19. 

This information was communicated to families and staff through the weekly Health and Safety newsletter on the November 18 edition. 

“This phased return in-person at the start of the second semester will limit traffic on-site and allow students & families to return to their routine following an extended winter break,” the newsletter states. 

The Remote Learning Program remains an option for students who would like to continue learning full-time at home throughout the entire second semester. 

“The district utilizes guidance from medical partners to determine if a temporary classroom, grade level or school closure is necessary,” says Omaha North High principal, Dr. Nero. 

Health conditions are rising rapidly, so any needed adjustments will be made and communicated to staff and families as soon as possible. 

“In addition to saliva testing, crews will test high-touch surfaces, air and wastewater samples weekly at each location,” notes the Health and Safety newsletter.  

The saliva testing program was being taken place at Marrs Middle School, Norris Middle School and Bryan High School. The OPS PROTECTS program has expanded their locations and will now include King Science Middle School, McMillan Middle School and Northwest High School as well. Their goal is to offer testing at all schools. 

When returning in the second semester, students will still need to take precautions such as wearing masks, enhanced disinfecting, and limited groups.