Helproom provides students a safe place after school


Graphic by Kylie Hughes

Kylie Hughes, Online Editor

What once started out as a program dedicated to student athletes has now evolved into an after-school center where all students have a place to go after school, can receive extra help, work on homework, or make up a test.

The Homework Helproom, located in room 264, is a program that runs from 3:05 to 5 o’clock after school Tuesday through Friday. Room 264 is the classroom of math teacher and Homework Helproom Director, Tim Anglen.

Anglen has been the director of the Homework Helproom for about 14 years. Prior to his leadership, the helproom was dedicated more for athletes only a couple days of the week. Now, it is open to all students. On a daily basis, there are anywhere from 4 to 6 teachers who can offer aid on just about every subject.

The Homework Helproom provides aide to a large number of students. Whether it is basketball players waiting after-school for the start of their basketball game or students struggling on their math homework, the Homework Helproom has a wide variety of benefits.

There are teachers who work in the Homework Helproom, such as Anglen, that see certain students almost daily. Yet, there are also other students who stop by to only study, make up a test, or have a challenging unit in class.

With many of the students that Anglen sees nearly everyday, he said that he builds many connections with them. In some cases, Anglen follows up and checks in on the students to see if their helproom studying has paid off.

“Honestly, [the best part] is working with kids and getting to know kids that aren’t in my class,” Anglen said.

The main purpose of the Homework Helproom is to offer help to students who may not understand the topic in class or may need extra help to get work done. It is also for students who can’t meet with a specific teacher after school.

“When not every teacher can stay every night after school, [students] always know [the Homework Helproom] is there,” Anglen said.

The goal for someday in the future, according to Anglen, is to eventually get some more funding to evolve this into peer tutoring in addition to what they have now. Yet, this idea may not be in the near future, as it is a long process with finding the grants and approval.

It would be “beneficial for both” kinds of students. The upper level students would have an opportunity to get help from those in the same classes as them. While some struggling students may rather get help from a peer as opposed to a teacher.

While Anglen may not know for sure what awaits for
the Homework Helproom’s future, he knows that he would like to continue providing a “safe place” for students to be after school.