A look into North High’s 2023 prom, post prom

Isabella Booth, News writer

This year’s North High prom was found at the Harper Center Ballroom at Creighton University, and the theme was a Gala at Monte Carlo. Many students were able to go but North implemented rules that prevented some from going. These rules were having five or more unaccused absences, having no suspensions and having no referrals.  

On the stage of the ballroom, there was a 360 camera that shot miniature videos. Many of the students enjoyed it because they said it was fun and being able to use props with the camera made it funny.  

Some other themes that students would rather have for prom were a Masquerade, throwback, a fairytale, Casino and a Garden theme.  

Post Prom, which is held after prom at Norths Multi-purpose Center (MPC), went from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. Post prom’s theme for this year was superheroes.  

To keep students safe, post prom had implemented a rule that students were not allowed to leave early unless they had a parent or guardian’s permission.  

When students first walk into post prom, they were greeted by hand drawn superheroes. When going down the hall to the cafeteria there is a casino and a bat cave that students can go through.  

Post prom had a lot of fun activities for the students such as inflatables, a casino area, karaoke, and food. Many students chose to play at the casino which consisted of blackjack and other card games students chose to play.  

Brotherman bucks are like one-dollar bills, but it has Omaha North’s former principal, Gene Haynes, on them. The more brotherman bucks people had, the more tickets that could be bought to enter the raffle. Each ticket costs five Brotherman bucks. 

Then there were some games where people could earn brotherman bucks. Some of those games were punch out where students punch through a paper, and students could get more brotherman bucks or students could get candy.