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Thanksgiving versus Christmas

Thanksgiving, a time filled with turkeys, cranberry sauce and for some reason the color brown.  Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebrated in many ways all around the world. During this traditional holiday, families come together to eat favorable dishes and be thankful for the life they have.  It’s kind of like one of those holidays that you love if you enjoy being with your family but dread it at the same time because of having a low social battery.  

Christmas is a typical American holiday. It’s filled with festive cheer, and winter activities like ice skating, baking cookies, or decorating the Christmas tree.  Christmas is one of the top favorite holidays for everyone regardless of how cold it gets. It’s a known thing that as soon as Halloween is over, Christmas music is playing, stores are stocking up with festive décor, and companies and households are putting up the Christmas lights. For some odd reason, Thanksgiving is always skipped over.  

Everyone celebrates holidays in different ways, or even not at all. Zariah-May Lewis-Bynum, 12, herself does not take part in Thanksgiving. 

“From what I’ve learned over the years about Thanksgiving is not all necessarily all that its taught to be, in schools,” she explained why by laying out some facts, “After the Thanksgiving feast that the Europeans had, they committed a genocide over the Native Americans that were on that land. After the Native Americans taught them many things, and gave them resources, they murdered them. So that’s not really something I’m thankful for,” Lewis-Bynum said. 

Some partake in the holiday for mostly just their family like Coleil Walker,12, and Even though Walker prefers Christmas over thanksgiving, he spends it with his family every year.  

“We go to my grandma’s house and say our grace and what we are thankful for, and then we eat.” Walker said.  

Towards the end of month after thanksgiving comes snow and with snow comes Christmas. Christmas is also a national holiday that is celebrated around the world but is spiced up depending on your religion. The main reason Christmas is celebrated is for the birth of Jesus Christ.  During this festive holiday, there are many more traditions that take place. There’s a grand dinner, cookie making, opening presents, and much more. 

Human Geography and Economics teacher, Steven Kirchner prefers Thanksgiving over Christmas. 

“I prefer Thanksgiving over Christmas because more of my family gets together on Thanksgiving than on Christmas, Christmas is kind of a day where people do their own thing, and I like getting together with other people,” Kirchner said.  

When it comes to choosing between these two holidays, I personally feel like I’m in a draw. I love spending time with my family, especially when my family comes from out of town and eating all the food in the world. Christmas has its own special vibe to it, and the music is top tier.  

The Holidays are always a fun enjoyable time, however you celebrate it, people always become nicer and feel more open to performing good deeds. Holidays naturally bring joyful days.  

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