The best burger is …

Mynor Strong, Entertainment Writer

May is the national food month of hamburgers, so I decided to figure out what restaurant has the tastiest burger in Nebraska. My ideal burger is a smash burger, with bacon, barbecue, and a side of ranch.  

What makes a burger good is the quality of the meat, is it chewy or is it juicy and easy to bite through. The type of bun is it soft and buttery or hard and plain. The dipping sauces are a key part too, is it a salad ranch or a dipping ranch and it is hard to find a nasty tasting barbecue sauce. 

I’ve considered all the places that I have tried in Nebraska, and I have had a good amount of burger spots. 

I would say the best burger I have consumed was from Union Pizzeria & Sports Bar. 

They have many great options, but I went with the Jameson Burger. It had my ideal toppings: bacon and barbecue. The patty meat was so perfect and juicy, and the barbecue was A+, it was smooth and savory. 

Another thing I would add is that the fries were so crispy and delicious.  

It wasn’t a salad ranch; it was like a dipping sauce ranch, and it was so tasty. 

The second best is Smitty’s Garage. The burger was delicious because the meat was so perfect. I just got a regular plain cheeseburger. I dipped it into the barbecue, as I took my first bite, the juice was oozing out my mouth, dripping on the plate, barbecue sauce splattered all over my mouth. 

The burger was so tender and juicy. I had no toppings and it was still so good . A thing that stood out was the bun because it was a nice soft and buttery potato bun. 

These two burger spots stood out because of the quality and taste of the burger patty and the buns. The fries/sides are a key part to the rating also. 

For the next two they are close in ratings, but the first has to be Five Guys. Five guys have the ideal burger that is fast and delicious, but I would say that it is pricey. 

For a hamburger with no toppings, it is $6.99, and for a bacon cheeseburger, which is what I get is $8.69.  

I would say it was worth it, but I get it if you disagree. The burger is smashed, juicy and with a good amount of cheese that perfectly fits and melts right on the burger. 

Another place near the same rating as Five Guys is Steak n Shake. What makes Steak n Shake different is that it has a steak burger patty rather than a regular patty, which means the burger is made from a steak rather than ground beef. 

Another thing that stands out is the shakes, you need to try the cookie dough shake with some fries. I promise you this combo is out of this world. The ice cream serves as the dipping sauce.  

The scenery is unique and gives the old school, skating vibes. It is top of all steak burger places.  

Those are the top burgers in Nebraska, and you need to check out the best place, Union Pizzeria & Sports Bar.