Krab Kingz is a trip to flavor town

There is a new seafood restaurant called Krab Kingz Which opened up recently on September 17. Krab Kingz is a southern style seafood restaurant known for their delicious snow crab and shrimp. They are located in Midtown Crossing on Farnam street down by Turner park near local places like Cold Stone Ice Cream and the Alamo Draft house cinema. 

 My first thought while driving to Krab Kingz was that there was no parking. There was one spot open that was 2 blocks down the street, and we had to pay the meter which is expected when going to places downtown.  

At first glimpse, the building is very small but stands out with its brightly large logo above with its bright red and blue colors pulling you in. When you walk in you notice that their space is surprisingly small and crowded even if there is only about five people. The room feels like the size of a classroom with a huge kitchen that is blocked off by a big wall and a tiny window space. 

The atmosphere feels like a school cafeteria serving lunch with the employees yelling out orders to the whole restaurant. It’s not your typical sit down wait 15-minute restaurant, it is more like fast food because it is served to you in about 5-8 minutes. 

Krab Kingz have a slim picking menu with only five main course options that are mainly for lunch. A typical meal on the menu comes with potatoes, corn on the cobb and a cluster of crab legs which would cost you $25.99. Another famous option is the loaded platter which has 3 crab clusters, 15 shrimp, 2 sausages, 2 corn, 2 eggs, and potatoes costing $34.99. 

The crab legs and potatoes were covered in butter which made this meal extremely messy and makes you reach for the paper towels. The staff goes around the room and they offer you latex gloves to wear while you eat to keep your hands semi clean. I didn’t wear the gloves and my hands were caked in butter and greasy. 

“Krab Kings is amazing. It’s not your typical “Red Lobster” it’s good down to earth messy, buttery wonderfulness. You don’t want to wear your finest clothes because everything is dripping with butter.” A review from a local customer Deanna Hempfling shows just how messy it can be. 

The staff seemed a bit disorganized throughout my experience as they mixed up my order and forgot the cups, but it’s still a recently new business that is still adapting. I did see how the employees were acting towards one another and they were full of life and enthusiastic towards their customers.   

It took some strong efforts to break some of the crab open because they do not provide crab crackers. This also involved in not eating some portion of the crab due to not being able to get it open. The meal in general was honestly exquisite and had so much flavor with the combination of butter, crab, and potatoes. 

 I would definitely return again and try different meals like the shrimp. After trying it, I would give this place a 7/10 review because the food was excellent but extremely messy and I felt that the space was generally cramped and tight. The area where Krab Kingz is located is a bit crowded by the population of people that Midtown Crossings draws in. All in all, Krab Kingz is a phenomenal place to enjoy real southern style crab.