Rice water review

For the past 2 and a half months I’ve been trying out rice water to see if it had the “magical hair growth” as it was branded. 

 For about a month before I began to use it, rice water was all over social media saying it was the best way to strengthen, thicken, and grow one’s hair. The trick was that it was supposed to do all these things in less than 2 weeks. 

So I did try the rice water and over time I tweaked it to make it suitable for me, although there are several different methods. I do not quite know if it was because I tweaked the recipe slightly that I didn’t get the exact results as I had seen people online get, or if the hype just was not what I expected it to be. I continued to try it over and over again to see if maybe I just needed to take more time to get everything right, or if I just needed to quit all together. It really was not a total failure, I did get some benefits from using the treatment. 

For instance, the rice water did help make my hair a lot less tangled which caused a lot less shedding. Detangling usually takes me about 30 minutes, but after using the rice water It took about 5. I think that’s what gives people the illusion that their hair is “thicker,” when it is just not falling out as much. 

Another benefit that I got from rice water was it gave me a lot less dandruff and made my scalp a lot less itchy. Since I did rub the rice water into my scalp, it promoted hair growth, but hair promotion can come simply come from massaging oils into the scalp. So once again I don’t know if it’s really the rice water that gave other people their results, it could be the methods that they use that’s actually just promoting the “magical hair growth.” 

Either way it goes the rice water wasn’t a complete 100% fail, I just don’t believe it’s the rice water that makes ones hair grow it was just very good at making hair less tangled. So then there would be less breakage, which in a way could lead to “longer hair.”