From teen mom to North graduate: Alyceia Stephens graduates six months pregnant

Angie Twombly, Editor-in-Chief

Alyceia “Faye” Stephens, 12, was born in Alva Oklahoma and then moved to Omaha, Nebraska in 2017. 

Stephens went to many different schools growing up but finished middle school at McMillian Magnet where they played soccer and participated in the marching band. 

Stephens tore a ligament from her knee to her foot and was unable to continue playing. When Stephens started high school at North, they were able to join the marching band and manage the girls’ soccer team. 

“Soccer helped with my mental health,” Stephens said. 

During December of Stephens’ senior year, they found out that they were expecting a baby. 

“[I was] really scared I didn’t know how to go about it,” Stephens said. “I was thinking about other options, but I made my bed now I got to lay in it.” 

Stephens biggest fear when initially finding out they were pregnant was having to tell her mother. Although she was a little upset at first, their mother is now one of their biggest supporters. 

“I have the love and support I need,” Stephens said. 

Stephens also has support from their fiancé and friends. Due to becoming pregnant many of their friends distanced themselves because they do not go out as often anymore. 

“I’m a mom, I [have] to make sure my baby is healthy,” Stephens said. 

Band teacher, Amber Bock, and history teacher, Colleen Durante are teachers that have supported Stephens from the beginning.  

“[Bach saw] me start my band career in Nebraska and watched me finish it,” Stephens said. 

When first becoming pregnant, Stephens was worried that their pregnancy would take a toll on them, and that they would not be able to graduate. Now Stephens is graduating with 57 credits and a full-ride to the University of Nebraska at Omaha. 

Stephens plans to study mental health and psychology online for the first couple of years. Then they plan to attend in-person school so they can finish their required credits.  

 In college, Stephens wants to continue playing the flute as a side hobby. 

Stephens is overly excited for her future, and they are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their baby. 

Alyceia Stephens poses for senior photos after just finding out they are expecting a child. “Pregnancy is hard,” Stephens said. PHOTO BY JAMILAH KAWEESA