Visiting ‘Nobody’s Listening’

Zoe Law, Opinion and Entertainment writer

On February 9, 2023, the University of Nebraska at Omaha started displaying the Nobody’s Listening exhibit. The exhibit is “a groundbreaking, award winning virtual reality (VR) experience and immersive exhibition that commemorates the Yazidi genocide committed by ISIS in northern Iraq.”  


The VR experience was a very different, but very effective way of learning. You were able to walk around the rubbles of broken houses and listen to survivors testimonies while doing it.  


You are able to choose from three different points of view of Yazidi people and get to walk through their story while listening to their lives. The experience was quite short, only about 15 minutes, but it was very influential.  


It was very moving to really get immersed in this persons life and story. Seeing pictures and reading stories are important, but there is a different feeling when it is all around you.  


This experience was created by Ryan D’Souza and will be traveling all over the United States to different Universities. The exhibit started in Nebraska because Nebraska has the largest Yazidi community in the United States.  


The experience encouraged justice and talked of the importance of prosecuting those who are responsible.