Bringing back childhood memories with food



Tatyanna Estwick, Feature and Sports Writer

Food from your childhood can bring back all sorts of memories such as class parties, field trips, and field days. I rated five different childhood foods which include pizza, Lunchables, peanut butter and jelly, grilled cheese, chicken nuggets and TV dinners. It doesn’t matter what you did, but whether you were at a birthday party or earned a class prize, pizza was always involved. Pizza is an overall ten out of ten, but for some people, it depends on the toppings. Cheese pizza is perfect for those who prefer zero toppings.

My favorite topping is pepperoni because of its flavor, and it flows together with the cheese and marinara sauce. to PR Newswire 79 percent of Americans agree that pepperoni is the best topping.

If you want pizza that fits into an easy lunch, Lunchables are a great way to do that. Lunchables are overall a nine out of ten because there are many different kinds; ham, turkey, deli sandwiches, chicken nuggets and desserts.

Some of them have Caprisuns others do not, but my favorite Lunch-able overall is ham. Ham is the best one because it comes with cookies and a Caprisun. It is like a sandwich without condiments and bread, but instead of bread, there are crackers.

There are off-brand Lunchables made by a company called Never Any and they taste natural and less processed than the on-brand Lunch-able, the only thing that’s missing is the Caprisun and that’s why the Off-Brand Lunch-able is rated nine and a half.

Another quick lunch item to make is peanut butter and jelly. Peanut butter and jelly is sweet and savory and the best go-to lunch food which is why it is rated eight and a half. The quality of the sandwich depends on what type of jelly you use.

Grape jelly is the best jelly to me because I love grape-flavored candy and soda. Strawberry jelly tastes better on toast than it does on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Another great sandwich that has the perfect combo of crispness and cheese is grilled cheese. It is good when you eat it with soup.

There are many types of soup that go well with grilled cheese mushroom, chicken noodle and my favorite, tomato.

The combination of soup and cheese tastes amazing, which is why it is rated eight out of ten.

Chicken nuggets are a great choice, they are on a lot of restaurants’ menus and are great if you don’t like seafood, steak or other fancy foods. Plus, if you get sauce with it, it brings out the flavor of chicken nuggets more. My favorite sauce is barbecue.

Chicken nuggets are a go-to when you want chicken, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of fried chicken or wings, which is why it is a seven and a half.

Another great choice for an easy meal is TV dinners. TV dinners are good if you want food but also if you do not want to cook.

Banquet TV dinners are a popular brand that come with chicken nuggets, and I would rate them seven out of ten.

Chicken nuggets are good in TV dinners as long as the chicken nuggets cook in the air fryer instead of the microwave because they can become soggy.

Overall the best part of the TV dinner is the warm brownie that comes with it.

Food is amazing, it can make you feel energized and make you excited. That’s how I feel about some of these foods. I still eat most of them today such as pizza, peanut butter and jelly, and grilled cheese.