Class of 2023 leaves their mark on athletics during their final season at Omaha North High School.


Aaliyah Farmer, 12, is a varsity basketball player at North .

Farmer began playing basketball on a club team in the sixth grade with inspiration from her older brother.

“My dad would always take me to my big brother’s tournaments,” said Farmer.

Farmer is sad this is her last season, but she is happy to move on.

“I will miss my coaches and teammates,” said Farmer. “However, I do not plan to play in college.”

Farmer says she does not want to play basketball in college because she wants to focus on pre-medicine coursework.

“I plan on becoming a doctor,” said Farmer.

Farmer encourages younger classmates on her team, that even when they are losing, they can still have fun.

“I want people to remember me as a leader, a role model and someone who encourages people,” said Farmer.

Tre’Vionne Brown, 12, is also a varsity basketball player for North.

He became interested in basketball in eighth grade because he saw how the players worked together to form team chemistry.

Team chemistry is how good or bad a team can perform and work together based on their relationships.

“We know how to work together. We’re a smart group of kids,” said Brown.

Brown is sad this is his last season, but he is going to make the most out of it.

“I want people to remember me as a team player,” said Brown.

T’andre Perkins ,12, is a teammate of Brown’s.

Perkins began playing basketball in the fourth grade because of its competitive nature.

“It’s competitive and I like to be competitive,” said Perkins.

Perkins plans on getting 20 points per game and wants to go to the state championships.

“I want people to remember me as a hard worker,” said Perkins.


Elizabeth Jefferson, 12, is a player on the bowling team. She joined the team this year because her friend suggested it.

Jefferson is not a competitive person, which is why she likes bowling. It is less competitive and intense than other sports.

“I do not care too much about losing,’’said Jefferson.

Jefferson says that her teammates are great.
‘’My teammates are skilled, and they are a big support system,” said Jefferson.

Jefferson says she will not be too sad about leaving the bowling team.

‘’It will be bittersweet, overall, [but] I will not be upset about it,” said Jefferson.

Jefferson said she hopes to be remembered as a decent person.


Azriel (Azzy) Carr, 12, is on North’s swim team. She started competitively swimming last year.

“I have friends on the swim team and I thought it was really cool and I wanted to try out,”said Carr.

Carr says she loves her teammates with her whole heart .

“I love supporting them and cheering them on,”said Carr.

Carr is sad about this being her last season.

“It makes me really sad to leave my teammates,” said Carr.

Carr received an award last year for most improved. This year she is looking to improve more than last year by working on her skills.

Molly Burke, 12, is also on North’s swim team.

Burke began swimming in the sixth grade because it was something she wanted to do.

‘’My family runs track, and I just wanted to be different,” said Burke.

Burke says she likes her teammates.

“They are really nice, and we are close,” said Burke.

Burke is sad about this being her last season, but she plans to go to state one last time.

‘’I went to state last year, and I am hoping to go again this year,’’said Burke.

Burke recently went on a college tour and talked to the swim coaches about their programs.

Burke believes that when it comes to remembering student athletes, it doesn’t matter about their stats.

“I don’t want to be remembered by my stats, I want to be remembered as me,” said Burke.