Don’t like LEAFing a season behind? SNOW problem!

Students reflect on favorites of two seasons in transition

Nayera Abdessalam, Managing Editor and Backpage writer

Hung Nguyen, 10

Favorite fall memory: “Going to football games with friends or maybe homecoming.”

Favorite winter memory: “Going to wrestling tournaments.”

Aaliyah Farmer, 12

Favorite fall memory: “Baking the best sweet potato pies with my dad.”

Favorite winter memory: “Building snowmen and having snowball fights with my brothers in our backyard.”

Yasmine Alhejaj, 12

Favorite fall memory: “Driving through wooded streets watching the leaves fall and just enjoying the atmosphere.”

Favorite winter memory: “Watching my dog play in the snow and chasing snowballs.”

Maxwell Long, 9

Favorite fall memory: “Having a Thanksgiving meal with my grandparents.”

Favorite winter memory: “Getting my dog Lucy on Christmas day.”

Elyse Johnson, 9

Favorite fall memory: “Burying my brother with leaves and waiting for people to walk by to scare them.”

Favorite winter memory: “Sledding down Nathan Hale hill with friends.”

Jozlyn Thomas, 12

Favorite fall memory: “My siblings and I playing in big leaf piles.”

Favorite winter memory: “This one year my family and I were going sledding down a really big hill, we were racing each other down the hill.”

Krysteena Foster, 11

Favorite fall memory: “My favorite fall memory is when me and my family all woke up early one day and we helped plant trees, got a bite to eat then went to a pumpkin patch/ haunted house.”

Favorite winter memory: “Every winter we would visit our grandparents and spend time with them during the         holidays ”

Wendell Tchalassi, 12

Favorite fall memory: “Playing in the football games.”

Favorite winter memory: “Going to New Year’s Eve parties.”


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