North loses lunch block

Desiree Hausman, News writer

This 2022-2023 school year students had a little change in the lunch schedule. Students used to have four lunches last year, they now have three lunches this year. 

 Students have always had 30 minutes to eat. Last year all four lunch blocks spanned from 11:13 to 1:25, with no breaks in between. A lunch students going back to class passed B lunch students heading to lunch. The same thing was true for B, C and D lunches.  

There were four lunches because of COVID-19 in order to keep students spread out and safe. Now that COVID-19 has died down the three lunches have returned.  

With North being back to three lunches, the block spans from 11:15 to 1:30. Students who are returning to class have five minutes to travel. All students of the building are in class for five minutes. Then the next lunch block is dismissed and have five minutes to get to their preferred area.   

The 15 minutes spanning between lunch blocks ensures that students are where they need to be.  

Now that there is one less lunch, there are more students in a lunchroom at a time. This may result in longer lines for lunch. There have been a few announcements made for teachers to excuse late students because they were still eating due to the longer lunch lines.