Learn about the wall-to-wall academies



Desiree Hausman, News writer

The 2022-2023 school year is the first term in which Omaha North High School will have wall-to-wall academies, which only impacts current freshmen and sophomores. North has four academies, these include the Freshmen Academy, Computer Science & Technology Academy, Engineering & Design Academy, and Science & Research Academy.

Each student has the choice of four pathways within the academy they selected. Michelle Porter, a curriculum specialist, is the Academy Lead for North.

The first academy is the Freshman Academy, which started last year. In the Freshmen Academy, students learn through activities that would help them in their future with college and career readiness. They also build leadership skills that will help them in future classes.

The Computer Science & Technology Academy there are four pathways: Audio Video Production, Computer Networking, Cybersecurity & Coding and PLTW Computer Science.

In the Engineering & Design Academy, there are four pathways: Mechanical Design, Project Lead The Way (PLTW) Engineering, Precision Engineering and Robotics and Automation.

In the Science & Research Academy there are four pathways: Medical Research & Health Informatics, Natural & Environmental Science, Project Lead the Way Biomedical Science and Teaching as a Profession.

Most of the pathways start at the sophomore level; however, there are some four year pathways, too.

If students were in one of the academies and wanted to switch, they had until September 7 to make that decision. If the students missed the deadline, then they must wait until the end of the first semester to drop their academy class.

If the students do not want to take one of the given pathways North offers, they can customize their own.

“Come together with me, Dr. Nero, [and] their parents and we can figure out what course of action want to take and what course they want to take that would give them the same opportunities that were offering in the academies,” said Porter.

Since this academy model started last year, only freshmen and sophomores are in the wall-to-wall academies. If students are an upperclassman, they are exempt from the academies, meaning it is not a requirement for juniors and seniors. It is a requirement for current freshmen and sophomores and the years to come.

The wall-to-wall academies are here to help the student body. The career academies help students with college plans. When students pick which academies they want, they can also start thinking about potential career paths. If they end up not liking the class while in high school, they can save time and money by not taking it in college.