A Novel Idea: North High book club


Vivian Landis


Zoe Law, Opinion and Entertainment writer

A Novel Idea: Omaha North High School’s Book Club is back in session, providing an exciting opportunity for the bookworms of North to express their thoughts and feelings on a variety of different genres. A Novel Idea lets students “read for pleasure” outside of the classroom and allows students to “discuss topics of mutual interest,” according to Ms. Connor, one of the club sponsors.

Instead of choosing one book for everyone to read, A Novel Idea encourages students to select a book from a different genre each month. The freedom of choice gives students an opportunity to choose a book they know they will enjoy and allows them to discuss it with their peers.

A Novel Idea meets once a month om North’s library balcony. They meet on the first Wednesday of every month at 3:15pm, and the meetings last for about an hour.

The genre for October is biographies. All genres are preselected, but A Novel Idea is always looking for new genre ideas. The club is led by Vivian Landis, 12, as the president.

Ms. Connor says, “North’s book club invites anyone who loves to read to join, so come check it out next month!”

Email Ms. Connor or Ms. Gutierrez with any questions.