North welcomes a new assistant principal

Angie Twombly, Editor-in-Chief

In the 2022-2023 school year, North High School welcomed Andrew Renfro as the new assistant principal. He was given this position after Andrew Walters, the former assistant principal, received a promotion to be principal at McMillan Middle School.

Renfro has been at North 18 years, serving 12 of them as the dean of students before his new opportunity.

“There’s a lot more things going on, it’s a different kind of work,” Renfro said, “[rather] than it being one track, it has many tracks.”

After applying for the position, Renfro and many other candidates went through an interview process so they could find the best fit for North.

The principal of North, Dr. Collete Nero, was a part of the selection process and felt as if Renfro was the perfect choice because of his history and expertise at North.

“It felt pretty natural because he was already a part of the team as being dean of students,” Nero said, “he’s so well known, and has been here a while.”

Since Renfro was already at North, he feels the benefits because he already knows the students, the staff, the families, and the way things are done.

“I’ve been at North long enough, I consider myself a Viking so that’s been very helpful,” Renfro said, “I’m already aware of things going on.”

Nero also feels with Renfro being in this position he can act as a mentor to the new dean of students and raise his level of service in the school.

“I feel like it’s a good opportunity for him, but also a good opportunity for our team,” Nero said.