Senior sendoff ’22

North high seniors get ready to graduate

Angie Twombly, Editor-in-Chief

As the 2021-2022 school year wraps up, Omaha North seniors prepare to

walk the stage to say farewell to their childhood and hello to their future.   

Trinity Green will be attending the University of Nebraska Omaha to major in art history. “Growing up my dad was an artist, so seeing him do art and always being around it made me want to participate in it in some kind of way,” Trinity said.  

Trinity’s journey started when she first came to North. She joined an art class, and although she enjoyed it, she wanted to do something more entertaining. Trinity wanted to do art, but at her own pace. 

 “High school made me realize I love art but practicing it and doing it myself was not really what I was self-conscious with,” Trinity said.  

In her sophomore year, she joined the career center to take a photography class. The Career Center is a program provided for students all over Omaha Public Schools to be able to focus on their individual pathway, according to the OPS website.  

During the middle of Trinity’s sophomore year, the COVID-19 pandemic began, so the photography class was cut short. Trinity was not able to continue it because they canceled the program. This prompted her to continue taking art classes her junior and senior year. 

 “It was lovely, and I could express myself,” Trinity said, “It’s just not what I wanted to do.” 

She plans to help curate museums by giving artists a space to display their artwork and voice their artwork.  

“Art history gives me the space to explore different artists and everyone’s way of doing art,” Trinity said.  

Trinity wants to take the knowledge that needing help and asking for help is okay as she journeys into the next level of life. 

Marcos De La Torre is also planning on helping people by attending the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to either become a doctor, or a pediatrician. 

When De La Torre first came to North, he joined the engineering pathway. As he dug deeper into the classes, he realized it is not what he wanted to do. 

“Through the engineering program I realized that it’s not my calling and I’m more interested in medicine,” De La Torre said. 

When he was younger, his main goal was to work a job that made a good paycheck and helped people. 

“I feel the best way to do that is becoming a doctor,” De La Torre said, “I mean you literally heal people.” 

Quinn Lehmer is going to Minnesota State to peruse clinical psychology. Lehmer has always loved talking to people so, when he attended the psychology class at North, he realized that is what he wanted to do.  

When he was younger, Lehmer originally wanted to do Zoology because of his love for animals. 

“I realized I want to do something more people focused,” said Lehmer. 

Ariana Anchondo also wanted to work with animals when she was younger. Instead, Anchondo is going to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to study forensics and specialize in crime scene investigating. 

Anchondo joined the forensics class at North and has always had the interest in mind as a kid. 

“I just wasn’t sure about it, so I took the class and became even more interested,” Anchondo said. 

Jalen Green took classes at North as well to help him realize that he wants to go to the University of Nebraska-Omaha to study IT (information technology).  

Jalen originally wanted to be an architect until he joined the coding program at North. It made him enjoy learning about IT and he wanted to continue it.  

 “I just wanted to better myself for the future and make myself proud, and my family proud,” Jalen said.