Something to do over summer: students plan to get jobs and internships over summer

Isabella Booth, News writer

Many students from Omaha North High school are planning on getting

internships or jobs this summer. They are looking for jobs to start saving for college or for when they move out of their parents’ house. Many are also looking for internship opportunities to do something over the summer or to have something on a college resume.  

Asha Yvette-merli Chavez, 10, plans to do a Girl’s Inc trip for the NICE program at North. The NICE program does activities such as beading and cultural learning. In July, Chavez is going to a national unity conference. It is an all-paid trip where girls apart of NICE will learn about their native culture. 

 NICE stands for Native Indigenous Centered Education. This summer they are doing a trip to Girls Inc. This year the NICE program has done many things such as beading. Beading is an art expressed and practiced throughout Native American Tribes.      

Solan Bailey, 9, is a student counsel officer, and skills USA officer and they also participate in the GSA and show choir programs. Bailey plans to do a bio medical internship where he would be working in labs. He also plans to go to stem camp for biomedical science. 

“I like doing what I do because it prepares me for life plus it’s fun,’ says Bailey. “But with fun comes responsibility as you see I’ve taken on a lot of it but with practice I’ve learned to balance it out and I don’t regret joining or participating in any program.” 

While some are getting internships, others are planning to work and sign up for extracurricular programs. Isabella Cole, 10, takes part in show choir and cross country for North. She plans to get a job this summer at Chilis, a bar and grill, and Zestos, an ice cream shop. Cole is also signing up for an acting program called, The Theater academy this summer. 

They take part in all types of acting like Shakespeare, musical, general acting. You need no experience for this program because they help you with the different things you need to work on. 

The Theater Academy is a place for young inspiring actors to improve their acting ability. They do all types of acting and you need no experience. The types of acting are Shakespeare, musical, general acting. They also help your vocals on what you need to focus on.  

Tatyanna Estwick, 10, plays basketball, runs track, and is in BSLC at North. Estwick plans to do the OPS (Omaha Public Schools) student internship. This internship is where high school students will be student teachers at elementary schools.  

 “I want to do it because I want to be a nurse and getting to know kids is a big part of it” Estwick said.  

Having something to do over the summer will keep you busy but it will also set you up for life. Having a job will get you money and having an internship can help you get into a good college.