Norlon Burgos, the piano man

Burgos accompanies informance of prep and jazz band


Vivian Landis

Norlon Burgos, 12, plays piano in his Prep Band class. This is Burgos first year taking a music class at North.

Vivian Landis, Editor in Chief

The audience waits in eager wonder as the next act of the concert is announced, they have just been informed that a pianist will be playing without sheet music. A young man walks onto the stage and sits down gently at the piano waiting for his cue to play. Once the auditorium goes quiet the musician starts at the instrument. In an instant the room is filled with breathtaking noise. 

Norlon Burgos, 12, has been playing piano since February of 2021. He started learning the instrument on his iPad but has since transferred to a personal keyboard and the school pianos. Unlike many musicians, Burgos does not read sheet music. He simply watches videos of people playing piano and is able to copy what he hears. 

This is Burgos’ first year taking a music class at North. He is taught by the band instructor, Jeremy Haupt. Upon hearing Burgos play for the first time Haupt was blown away.  

I was really impressed so I thought ‘hey we should put this guy on one of the concerts’,” said Haupt. 

Burgos went on to accompany the Prep and Jazz Band at the Fall Band & Piano Informance on October 14, 2021. 

A musical informance seeks to show the audience what students are currently learning in class while an actual performance is the end-product of all the skills that have been learned. 

Burgos was able to perform his all-time favorite song ‘River Flows in You’ by Yiruma at the informance. He also played ‘My Heart Will Go On’ by Celine Dion, and ‘Faded’, by Alan Walker. 

Burgos said that it was a bit difficult when first learning these songs. After a lot of time and practice he now feels confident when playing them.  

“I remember the notes now,” stated Burgos.  

Burgos enjoyed being able to perform in front of an audience at the informance and is looking forward to future concerts.  

Recently the senior has been added to another music class where he will be learning to read sheet music. 

“Norlon’s been added to my prep band class in hopes that we can teach him how to actually read music since he basically just watches YouTube videos and kind of copies what he sees them doing, which in itself is a pretty outstanding ability, but you know if he could read music, he would be able to learn more pieces faster,” said Haupt. 

As of now Bugos is learning how to play ‘Nuvole Bianche’ by Ludovico Einaudi along with ‘Canon in D’ by Johann Pachelbel. He is also saving up for the Yamaha YPT260, which is a type of portable keyboard.  

Burgos continues to play whenever he can, he is always eager to be at the piano. Burgos often goes to the music room when he has extra time between classes or even during his lunch blocks. 

“He’s kind of insatiable,” said Haupt.