Volleyball Returns

Isabella Booth, News writer

In 2020 when the pandemic hit, the volleyball team was not able to play. They were sad but this year they are back and having fun. The varsity team’s first game was a home game played at home. They lost against Westside on August 26. Freshman lost their first game against westside as well. The score was 10-25. 

“I think my parents signed me up for a YMCA team, and I really enjoyed it, so I just kept playing,” said Virginia Holtclaw, 12. 

Holtclaw has played Volleyball since fourth grade, at school and on a YMCA team.  

Holtzclaw says, “After the game, I was a little disappointed. I was sad we lost, but I’d had fun during the game, so I wasn’t super upset. I usually try to look at the positives. I don’t think I played my absolute best, but I think I played pretty well. There is always room for improvement.” 

Naylah Soto, 9, was excited for her first game but also nervous. Soto has played volleyball outside of school on a team called What’s Our Name. Soto just wanted to get out on the court to play and have fun. Soto was remote half the year during the pandemic but then switched to in person for the rest of the year which helped her grades. During the pandemic Soto had mixed feelings. She didn’t mind not playing but she could have used the practice.  

“I definitely could’ve played better. I have played a lot of volleyball outside of school but nothing professional. I decided to start because I liked to watch people hit the ball around, I love when they spike it hard and then the other side still gets it, it’s amazing to watch them go back and forth,” said Soto.