Godzilla vs King Kong Sparks Debate Online

Kaden Hughes, Magazine and Backpage Editor

Godzilla Vs. King Kong, the latest installment in Legendary Pictures’ so called “MonsterVerse”, dropped a first-look trailer on January 24th, 2021. The trailer showed audiences a small glimpse of the much anticipated battle between the two titans. 

The trailer gave audiences not only a sneak peak to the fighting scenes, but also gave insight to new and recurring cast members. Returning after “Godzilla: King of Monsters” are Kyle Chandler as “Mark Russell” accompanied by Millie Bobby Brown as “Madison Russell.” Joining these characters are Alexander Skarsgård, of 2016’s Legend of Tarzan; Rebecca Hall, of 2010’s “The Town”; and New Zealand actor Julian Dennison, of “Hunt for the Wilderpeople”. 

Not returning from “King of Monsters” is director Michael Dougherty, instead, Adam Wingard will take up the role. Wingard directed Netflix’s 2017 adaptation of the anime “Death Note” and specializes in the horror genre, directing many low budget horror films. 

After watching the trailer, many fans took to social media to debate the outcome of the monstrous battle. Supplying free advertising and fun conversations online, these debates between the “Atomic Breath” wielding lizard and the intelligent, tool-making gorilla. 

In this fight between the Goliaths, who’s side are you on, Godzilla, or King Kong’s?