Biden’s COVID-19 plan


Vivian Landis, Editor in Chief

After becoming the president-elect on Saturday, November 7, Joe Biden gave a victory speech in his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware 

During his speech, Biden mentioned that on the following Monday, he would be naming a group of scientists and experts that would act as his advisors regarding all issues dealing with COVID-19. 

As promised on November 9, Joe Biden announced the scientists who he would be relying on as well as a brief plan on how to combat COVID-19. 

In his plan, which can be found on the Joe Biden website, Biden outlined many goals that he wishes to accomplish once he takes office. 

To ensure that all Americans have access to free and reliable testing, Biden plans on doubling the number of drive-through testing sites and investing in next generation tests, which includes at home tests and instant tests. These new tests will not only offer faster results but will also ensure more Americans can be tested. 

Biden also wants to boost the production of personal protection equipment; these are essentials such as face shields and masks. The president-elect hopes that in the future all equipment can be American sourced so that the United States won’t have to be dependent on other countries in a crisis. 

The future president also wants to provide national guidance for the American people. Biden hopes that these guidelines will help communities navigate through the pandemic. National guidance is seen as a way to help community leaders know when they should open or close businesses, schools, restaurants, bars, and more. 

Having national guidelines can also be a resource that lets citizens know whether it is safe to go out in public spaces or not. This is a good way to protect older Americans, and others at high risk 

Another major goal that Biden wishes to accomplish is making the future vaccine readily available to everyone. Biden plans on making vaccines free in order to allow all Americans easy access.  

Implementing more mask mandates is also on Biden’s to do list. A national mask mandate would be impossible to enforce seeing that the states oversee public health issues, whereas the federal government does not. Therefore, Biden plans to work with governors in order to eventually have mask mandates in all fifty states. 

Overall Biden’s plan aims to make COVID-19 treatment and testing readily available to all United States citizensWith the help of federal funds all care surrounding COVID-19 could be virtually free.